I had a boat load of Mikes today as 3 of them came out to fish bass & walleye. For once, I had a hand trolling and it definitely made my life a whole lot easier. Mike # 1 was designated rod man and it felt good, to just concentrate on the fish as he manned all the rods! I set the lines and we began the troll under a nice chop of 5 to 10 knots out of the west. Add a slight increase in water level from all the rain we had received in the last few days and I knew we would score. Mike # 2 was the son of Mike # 3 and this day was designated to him. His dad had come in to fish Musky and planned a couple of days from the week for some action. When the first reel went off I never even had to leave the chair and # 1 was on it immediately. I could really get use to having a mate! First walleye landed and a 19 inch beauty was swimming in the well. We’re having fish for dinner! Lines checked and the next rod goes off giving up another 18 incher and things were looking up. We covered this area thoroughly and managed about 10 walleye up to 24 inches and a few bass, before shifting gears. We moved to another spot and began casting for smallies when Mike junior got crushed on his very first cast. It blasted his spinnerbait, trying to rip the rod from his hands and immediately went to the air. His dad almost doubled up on a jig too, but lost three in a row when they just came unpinned. Mike # 1 was also having similar results with a spinnerbait, but missing almost every one. He switched up to a tube and the results were the same! These fish just kept coming off and I really didn’t know why! I switched one rod up for a slower moving senko and the next four fish came aboard without throwing the hooks. Out of a possible 12 to 15, I think they landed about half. Definitely not a great average but at least we had action. When the wind layed down, that all changed! No wind equals very little movement and the fish just stopped biting. Time to relocate again, but this time we dropped #1 back off at the dock. He had an appointment and the three of us returned to a new area, hoping for bigger & better. Next stop, a big follower almost got a hold of junior’s spinnerbait, but didn’t seem to be interested. It followed the lure all the way to the boat only to disappear into the weeds. Soon after, he got crushed and a big fish took to the air with a three foot, Olympic leap. Unbelievable runs and jumps and one hell of a fight later, it was in the net. Not before tossing the blade off the lure, tearing a larger hole in her mouth and shaking the lure free as well. This is why people love to fish for smallies! After a couple of pics she was released and went on her way. The next fish was unexpected as Mike battled a sturgeon for a while. He couldn’t believe the shear power of this fish and eventually brought it close enough for me to grab its tail. Several pics later and back she went no worse for wear! We continued along for a bit and hit another area that had been holding a concentration of walleye & bass. Ironically, no walleye were caught, just smallies! They even had a double header that was the first of the day. Juniors’ fish was considerably larger as it was pushing 21 inches in length. It should have weighed over 5 pounds but fell lighter due to the lack of girth. Either way, it was a real beauty and released immediately after the pics. A few more bass were taken as well in this area and then it just died entirely. We kept moving along and I made another stop in a place close to a deep water edge. This section had been only holding big fish and today would be no different. While chunking the spinnerbait, Mike got a hold of another giant and one hell of a battle followed. He finally brought it close enough to the boat and I netted it in the air, under another spectacular leap. This was to be the largest one of the day and definitely in the five pound class, as it had plenty of girth. Unfortunately it was the only fish to be seen here and not long after we were on the move once again. After an unsuccessful attempt at the next location, we moved to a drop shot area and finished off the day. Not many fish were landed here and I wasn’t surprised. There was practically no current and all fish were small because of it. They both managed a couple of walleye & bass and we headed back to the ramp. I had fish to clean and we had dinner to eat! It was definitely a day full of action and plenty of firsts for Mike. Or was that Mikes!!