Michel & Christiane joined me today for a little walleye & bass action. After a couple of pit stops we were on the water fishing before 8 and fighting the floating weeds once again. Air temps were to reach the mid 80’s and the water temps were hovering around 76 in the areas we were trolling. It took a little longer than I had expected but once I found them, the rods went off regularly. We even had a double header and I hadn’t had one of them, in forever! In a matter of 45 minutes we were able to land about 10 walleye and most were in the slot. Christiane had top fish with a 24 incher that made for a great pic. I was really having to work for the bites now and decided to troll outside the area hoping for a few more rips on the reels. We did manage a couple, but they were smallies and not the targeted species. Time to move to an area & cast for them! Next stop was a deep edged weed line and hopefully a few more eyes. With not much flow to the water, I had to really work hard to get the bites we had. Only 4 more walleye were landed but they were all good ones! Three of them were in the 4 to 5 pound range and nice to see. This edge has the potential for some real giants! Too bad that was all we could manage and we moved on once more. Drop shotting deeper water was next and this too was proving quite difficult as well. Without any movement in the water, the fish were holding tight and we really had to be right on top of them in order to get bit. I decided to finish off the day on a bigger flat that had been putting out plenty of smallies lately in hopes of better results. Both Christiane & Michel had their shots at several but only landed a few. These fish weren’t hammering the baits, just lightly mouthing them and not all were getting hooked. Somewhere around 3:30 we called it a day. I had fish to clean and a dinner to prepare and needed some time in order to do it. We would be having blackened, Cajun walleye on the bar b tonight! Despite the overall slow day, they still caught a bunch of fish and had a great time on the water. Oh yeah, they’d be eating some of their catch too!!