Darren was back with me again this morning looking for a few quality bass. We hit a different body of water, knowing that the action would be slower than usual and it was. Winds were blowing opposite the current flow and were a little difficult at the starting spot. A mix of baits were thrown including jerkbaits and spinnerbaits, but only one smaller fish was landed. Although a few big ones were seen and a couple of others followed, the action was definitely slower than I had anticipated. This was to be the way it was pretty much all morning as we covered several more places, just looking for a big bite. We even changed species for a while but had the same outcome. I decided to make a long run to an area that I was pretty sure would change our luck and we weren’t disappointed. Almost immediately after the first line hit the water, a four pounder was on! I knew they were here and we were going to get plenty more in the time spent fishing. It seemed like all the fish were big ones and real fatties as well. Darren had gotten his wish and hooked a number of brownies in the 3.5 to over 5 pound range. Unfortunately, the biggest ones seemed to be getting off more than staying pinned until he began putting more pressure on them. From that point on, the bruisers stayed locked! I don’t know exactly how many big ones came aboard but I do know that it was quite a few. Our best overall weight would have definitely been tournament worthy. In the end, we had turned a real slow day into one he had hoped for and succeeded in a solely, big fish bite! We couldn’t have asked for anything more!