Although this morning was below 50 degrees at the start, it warmed up to over 70 degrees during the day. The winds had diminished considerably and we were able to get out on the lake without any problem. From 3 footers yesterday to under a foot today, west winds had fallen to under 10 knots and I was glad! We did attempt a troll for the first hour or so but I decided to call it quickly when it wasn’t happening. Time to drop shot and it didn’t take long after the lines went in. Jim hit the first one this morning and Marie followed with one of her own moments later. They were already ahead of the game today with a couple of quick fish! They even had a double a couple of times during the morning bringing the numbers up even quicker. Marie was in the front of the boat and should have had first crack at the fish based on how I was moving. For some reason, she was letting them get by and Jim was taking advantage of each & every one. As she fell behind in the score, he added to it. Every time she did land one, he followed with one of his own and the math grew in his favor. It didn’t matter though as there were plenty more fish to be caught today. We stayed in this area making multiple drifts in various depth ranges all the while catching fish. I wanted to take advantage of the conditions and eventually decided to relocate to a different area all together. It was here that Jim managed to get into a few on a tube but they were lethargic for some reason. Marie was throwing a spinnerbait but all she had was follows. I switched her up to a jig in hopes of better results but we still saw more than they were catching. Only a handful of bass were landed with a few others lost but they did catch a first. Each of them got to battle a sturgeon and this had made it all worth while. From here I switched to another sandy section of the lake and covered water until we stumbled onto a pod of decent bass. These fish are really still in a summertime pattern and not desperate to eat yet. With the water temps remaining above 70 degrees, their eagerness to eat everything in site hasn’t been triggered. To them, winter is still a long way from arriving and it shows. In a couple more weeks, this will all change and they will begin to feed on everything in site! Jim managed to get a few bass to open their mouths here and fought them right into the net. As I moved along, Marie got to tangle with a couple that unfortunately, only remained on briefly. They were definitely not hungry and it showed! Several bumps resulted in more missed & lost fish than landed in this spot. When I realized that it wasn’t going to get any better, I went back to the place that we had begun and drop shotted it once again. They both got to tangle with several more and landed about half of them before we pulled the plug for today. Despite the arrival of our first cold front of the season, we were successful. By moving around when needed and concentrating in the right areas, they had managed to land a fair amount of quality bass. Slow presentations were required in order to monopolize on the small strike zones the last couple of days. Bring on the fall and cooling water temps, as the best fishing is yet to come!!