The annual bass trip for Darren, his bro Mark & their friend Dave was officially here this weekend. To say it was interesting would be an understatement! Day 1 had us driving for well over two hours before we launched the boat. An unexpected tournament on the body of water we were to fish had us making a U Turn and heading elsewhere. Looks like it’s time again, for these guys to push one out every weekend until freeze up! It’ll be fun trying to dodge the unexpected for one more season! The second body of water had a pile more boats all over the areas we fished too. I guess they didn’t get the invite! With this to be the nicest day forecasted for the weekend, it wasn’t a surprise to see so many people out. I on the other hand actually pray for high winds and foul weather for this exact reason! All things aside, we had to make the best of the situation and go fishing. Sunshine and cold morning air temps along with a 10 to 15 knot wind from the west was what we were faced with when the lines were dropped. I idled over a deeper flat, marking plenty of fish before I gave the signal to let em drop. Game on and they were ready! The side bets were first fish, biggest fish and most fish for the weekend and they were pumped. We back drifted over what seemed like miles of water with little action and this was surprising. Fish were marking all over and only Darren hooked up once. At least he had the initial side bet won and it couldn’t be broken! This was a similar occurrence throughout the day and had me juggling presentations and locations all over. They caught fish on all kinds of baits but not really one particular type. In the end, Darren & Dave tied for most, Darren had first and Dave had biggest. Looks like Mark was the “Biggest Loser” today! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! Day two saw a total opposite of the first one when we arrived and readied to launch. Unlike yesterday when there wasn’t a spot left to park, today it looked like a ghost town. With the exception of a duck hunter, the fair weather fishermen were no where to be seen. You gotta love bad weather! Scheduled today was rain & mist, east winds and just perfect weather for fishing. These guys were no stranger to misery as a usual trip has at least one day with miserable conditions. Last year saw hurricane winds for two straight days and a horizontal rainfall that seemed more like a monsoon. Today would be a walk in the park! First location had Mark throwing a crankbait and locked up immediately! We knew it was going to be a great one with a start like this and looked forward to the possibilities of better things to come. Darren was next and within a few casts was also tight to a nice big fish. This first spot had produced plenty of quality and after it slowed, we relocated and did it all over again. By adjusting presentations and positions in specific areas, we were able to monopolize on the bites and pick them off one at a time. A combination of lures, both hard & soft accounted for the hookups and there were many! It sure was nice to be alone like it use to be and not have to be bothered by every Tom, Dick & Larry again today! We were able to fish slowly in the dropping water temps and it proved to be a productive method as fish after fish were landed. Everyone was catching and that’s just the way I like it. Despite the not so perfect conditions that most prefer, I’ll take this any day of the week. A light mist was falling and they were catching. With the exception of only a few short periods of slowness, they never really went more than a few minutes in between bites. Regardless that they were all wet & cold, we stuck it out until almost 4:30, when we pulled the plug after one last fish. Mark started the day with first and ended it with last. That’s gotta be worth something! Despite not caring about the outside conditions during the day, they all really enjoyed the drive home in a nice warm truck. It’s amazing how you don’t notice just how bad it actually is, when you’re catching fish! It was definitely a perfect end to an even more perfect day on the water!!