Scott, John and Mark (aka Dacca) were here this morning, hoping for loads of smallmouth bass action. We met up before 8 and soon after, were heading to the first spot to fish. Although the air was below 40 degrees this morning, at least it wasn’t raining, yet! The last few days on the water saw loads of precipitation and it was nice just to start dry. Overcast skies would keep the warmth at a low today as sunshine would be almost non existent. Water temps had also fallen a bit and were now barely over 52 degrees from all the cool rain. John & Scott had knowledge of the technique being used but Dacca was new to it and needed a little coaching. Although he did miss the first few strikes, he caught on fairly quickly and was soon landing bass. It didn’t take long before all three were holding their own and the bass were losing. John managed to put the first couple in the livewell for pics later as Dacca & Scott kept catching bass of all sizes. Most of the fish in this area were a little on the small side with a three pounder being about the best. At one point I think Scott went 7 casts in a row with a fish on! It was loaded and they were taking advantage of this situation before some idiot decided to join us. He actually dropped anchor about 20 feet beside us and thought he’d fish there! When confronted, he just said, “You don’t own the water!” What a piece of work! The others wanted to move over and beat the crap out of him but I just made it impossible for him to fish and eventually he had to move. All the years of fishing tournaments had me in defense mode and positioning the boat perfectly, blocking any casts he was to make. Lately it’s been a regular thing with people on the water and I really don’t know why! Fish are everywhere and eagerly eating as the water temps fall. Why be such an ass? I quickly shook it off and the guys resumed their catching, almost on cue. After they had their fill of all of these little guys, I finally moved on and proceeded to another area near by. It didn’t take long before the other boat came back when he saw us leave and ironically, stayed there all day. We got a good laugh from this and went back to the business at hand! Dacca was really feeling comfortable fishing now and once we got in the zone, he proceeded to shine even more. Scott & John were hooking up a bit but Dacca seemed like he was locked up each time he casted. He had an angle to the rocks that apparently were holding plenty of fish and taking advantage of it too. This went on for about ten minutes before I shifted and he was out of the zone. Now John & Scott were taking advantage of their angle and the roles were reversed. Eventually they must have stuck all of them, because the bites just stopped. The next area may not have had a lot of fish, but it was holding better quality. It was here that Scott landed the largest of the day and boated a bass in the mid fours. He also missed another of equal size almost on his next cast making me think that there were a number of them here. After they landed a few more smaller ones, the action died and we were forced to move again. By now the rain was falling and we were in a light mist, reducing visibility considerably. It didn’t stop these guys from catching however as they went right back into action. In fact, Dacca was back with his almost every cast hook ups! John managed to get what we thought was a heavy fish only to see that it was a 20 inch walleye. Bonus fish of the day! This area had plenty of action but was difficult to fish properly as many a rig was retied from all the snags present. The rest of the afternoon saw highs and lows as the fishing got a bit slower in these conditions. I think there were more misses than catches but there was still plenty of action. We finally ended by about 3:30 with a couple more bass and headed back to take out. They needed to be on the road by 4 and had landed their share of fish throughout the day. Scott & John knew what the fall brings but Dacca had seen the spectacular fishing, first hand. He had an unbelievable day on the water and caught plenty of fish in the process. He was also taking home a nice walleye for his dad and that would be the icing on the cake. A perfect ending to a great day of fishing!!