Chris & Betty were back with me again today for their second round of bass fishing. They had fished with me about 10 days earlier and left wanting more! Would this day be as good as their last? I picked them up at the hotel at 7:00 and proceeded to the ramp for more “lip ripping”! With another beautiful day in the forecast, I was sure we’d get em! Water temps were around 74 degrees and the air was to reach into the 80’s with mostly sunshine. A light wind from the SW went 10 to 20 by afternoon causing a slight change in technique. The morning bite was slow but they caught regardless on a variety of baits. Soft plastics, cranks and spinners did the trick, but I wasn’t satisfied. We soon switched gears and went much deeper. A quick demonstration on how to drop shot and they were in the game. Numbers of fish were getting caught but mostly of average size. I repositioned the boat in a different zone and they began getting into some of the larger ones. Although there wasn’t anything over 5 pounds, there were several high fours brought to net. As the afternoon got later, we saw more & more cruisers coming out for the weekend. They were setting up positions in all the usual areas and not caring about who was in their path, getting there. Quite a few of their rollers bounced us around and some splashing actually came over the back. Weekend warriors on a Friday, lucky us! Regardless of this, they still kept catching and that was all that mattered. With each drift, rods were bent and fish were landed. By 4:00, after landing a few more decent fish, we called it a day. The action may not have been like their first trip, but the numbers were there. We just had to change techniques in order to get the fish to bite today. With summertime comes relocation and this was definitely a perfect example of how they move. Solid action was had all day with just a slight adjustment in both location and presentation. Enough to keep anyone happy, as Chris & Betty both left satisfied. I hope some of the techniques used here will allow them to increase their catches when they get back home. Overall a very successful day, again!!