Now that the season has officially wound down, I can enter the reports without too much attention. Over the last couple of months, I have had to pick the shittiest days and the worst conditions in order to fish effectively. People have been all over the waters on the nice days & practically in the same boat! Many confrontations have popped up and even more ignored, making this the toughest fall fishing ever. Too many tournaments have increased fishing pressure to the max and mortality has been at an all time high as well. It’s a terrible thing to see dead fish all over due to the ignorance of some fishermen! Our resources are phenomenal when it comes to the fishing and it would be a shame to take it lightly. Many a fishery has suffered in the past due to similar issues. Hopefully this will make people more aware in the future and situations like these will be an anomaly! Only time will tell whether or not they can learn from their mistakes! Now that I have vented, let’s get back to the task at hand and some reports! Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Ed & James on one of the coldest days so far this fall. Although the temps did reach almost 40 degrees, lack of sunshine had a real bite in the air. Would it affect the fishing? We began in an area, with a technique that had been productive recently and almost immediately, Ed was locked up. Fish of all sizes were seen throughout the morning and there was no need to change. We covered plenty of water and focused on the spots putting out, monopolizing on the biggest biters. Early in the afternoon, I switched it up a bit and tried a few different techniques. With limited success, I was forced to return to what was working earlier and began hooking up once more. I also had them toss a few blades in the late afternoon when the sunshine peeked out briefly. A few fish were taken and James landed his largest bass of the day, so it wasn’t in vain! After returning to some of the previous areas and landing several more quality bass, we decided to call it a day. I think the only thing that might have made today colder would have been precipitation. Thankfully we had a rain free day filled with plenty of action to keep us warm. Overall a great day of fishing was had by everyone!!