Today was going to be a really interesting one with a road trip planned. Bobby had requested a day on his lake up north and I immediately agreed. I didn’t have to haul my boat up there either and looked forward to fishing a new body of water for trout. I found out that there wasn’t even a lake map and had to rely on past knowledge of other trout lakes. With fly rods readied, we hit the water with an open mind and ran to our starting location. It was an inlet where I figured the bait would run to spawn, with a quick drop to deep water nearby. We set two deep lines and one shallow long line and right on cue, the deep one fired. Frank was into the first fish and it was big! After a couple of jumps, I realized that it wasn’t what we were searching for and a little disappointed to see a smallmouth on the end of the line. Although it was over 5 pounds, it still wasn’t our targeted species and we immediately released her. Back to the troll and not long after, Bobby was locked. He didn’t have this fish on for long though and left us all wondering what it might have been. I covered plenty of water in the area without a single bait marking or any fish for that matter. It seemed completely void of anything and then Bobby hooked up once again. Another leaping smallie and we were out of there! I was looking for warmer water and found 58 degrees to be the best but the fish weren’t anywhere to be found. We covered a lot of water in search of the lake trout and sometime in the afternoon it happened. I had trolled around a mid lake shoal and Frank locked up. I could tell by the rod that this wasn’t another bass and told him to play the fish carefully. Soon after it was in the net and the first of several lakers. Into the livewell it went and back to trolling we went. Bobby hooked into another one on the very next pass and unlike the rest of the lake, I was finally marking fish here. Once again another laker on the rod and quickly in the net. Two in the box and back for more. Frank hit another one almost immediately but for some reason it came unpinned. Ironically after the loss, the bite just died. I was still marking fish in the area but nothing wanted to bite. We tried several more passes and then decided to change locations once again. At least we were on the right species now and confidence was high. The next area showed signs similar to where we were and Bobby confirmed it with another hookup. One more laker joined his buddies in the livewell and things were looking up. Too bad we were almost out of time though as both Bobby & Frank had plans for the big game tonight. We had to be leaving no later than 5 o’clock in order for them to make it back in time. One more spot without a touch and we were done. For the first time on this rather large lake without any sort of map or GPS, I think we did alright. A bunch of huge smallies and 3 lakers was our final total. A second outing is in the plans and I can’t wait to get back. With knowledge of the lake now, I think I can do much better the second time around. Bobby is already talking about our next trip and I think it won’t be long before he’ll be hearing the reels screaming once again. This day was definitely a successful one and I look forward to an even better one when I return again!!