Lindsay was with me today after a last minute cancellation the night before. We were headed for some giants and the weather looked great! The air temps were in the low 40’s but the winds were out of the SW and pretty light. He was in for a real treat as he had never landed one of these beasts before. I don’t think the lines were in the water for more than 5 minutes and he was locked. Lindsay was shocked to see just how strong these things actually were and enjoyed every second of the fight. Although it may not have been a big sturgeon, it definitely was by his standards and worthy of a few pics. We went right back in after the release, looking for a bigger one. He was rewarded soon after with a definite take on the rod and was now battling something substantially larger. This one gave him a run for his money and I could tell by the way it was acting that it would be a while. When the bubbles began to show, the fish was not far behind. Soon after he was staring at what looked like something out of movie, as it swam by the boat. This one had a difficult time entering the net, but I finally managed to turn her head and scooped the entire body in. We turned her lose immediately after more pics and re rigged the rods hoping for another bite. The third fish took a little longer and after several missed takes, he was tight lined once again. By now he was getting use to fighting these things and had no trouble taming the beast! In the least amount of time possible, he had her to the net and more pictures were taken. Back she went and so did we, looking for another monster from the abyss. He had several misses before connecting with a strong fighting male that leaped into the air shortly after being hooked. It’s always incredible to see these things out of the water as you know immediately what you’re into. As it turned out, this was to be the last one we would see for today. Although a couple more were hooked into, they came unpinned quickly, causing us to change up for another species. Lindsay was hoping to take a few walleye home to eat & I knew just the place. We spent about an hour fishing there and missed several strikes, only to manage three good keepers in the end. We cut the day short and decided to head off the water around 2:00 as he was running on very little sleep. Any day you can catch fish as big as he did is a great day. On top of that he was even taking a few good eating fish home as well. We motored back to the docks completely satisfied with the results from today. Another great day for fishing!!