Greg & Rene were with me today for and in for a real treat. We began at 7:30 and wasted no time getting to our first stop. It was going to be a mixed weather day and I wanted to take advantage of every minute on the water. Originally, sunshine was upon us when we hit into numbers of pike and a few walleye but by mid day, it took a turn for the worse. I was once asked, “Do Fish Bite in the Rain” and I replied with, they don’t care. They’re already wet! This theory was about to be put to the test as what felt like a monsoon, soon arrived! We got some of the heaviest rain I’ve seen in a while and it lasted about an hour. I can’t remember how many fish were caught during this time but nobody cared about being wet. Thankfully I had thrown in a couple of extra sets of rain gear and that definitely helped. Throughout this entire ordeal, they reeled in one pike after another and a few walleye too. After the storm passed we ironically received sunshine and everyone dried out. All but their feet that is and soggy shoes would be upon them for the remainder of the day. I on the other hand had removed my sandals and stored them in a dry place. We had more activity afterwards and continued pounding on the fish until we returned back to the dock for a bathroom break. The remainder of the afternoon was spent close to the take out area drop shotting for more walleye. Although not as productive, they still managed to capture several more. By 4:00 we ended the day and headed home as I had a couple of fish to fillet for their dinner. Blackened Cajun Walleye was on the menu and they were excited. They hadn’t caught many walleye in their lives and had eaten even fewer. This would be an experience to remember! A quick stop back at my place and then off to a nearby restaurant where they were treated to their “Catch of the Day”! Needless to say, they loved every mouthful ! The not so perfect day (weather wise) ended in a perfect dinner and good company throughout. It’s always nice to meet new people, become friends & enjoy a great day on the water with dining afterwards. It’s especially rewarding to have them enjoy a fine meal that they just caught even more. I’m pretty sure this fishing trip will be etched in their memory for a while. Hopefully they will be back sometime in the future to experience it once again. If not however, all the pictures taken will ensure a lifetime of memories. Definitely one for the books!