I fished with a group of four this morning for a half day trip. They were fortunate to have the rain all done by the time we hit the water at 7:00 and looked forward to fishing. I don’t think they were ready for what was going to happen next and never imagined it could be this good. I told them they were going to be in a rotation as I was only going to put two rods out at a time. Although confused a bit, they understood! I had explained that more rods would be an issue as the fish would be coming in hand over fist when I found them. It took me only about 5 minutes or so until I located what I was looking for and dropped the anchor. Amazingly I was able to get both lines in the water this time, but thirty eight seconds after, the first one got bit. Chaos was about to begin as I demonstrated how to reel & set with these fish. Fish on! While battling the first one, the second rod got hit as well and now it was their turn. Let the rotation games begin! From this point on, I was on worm detail, baiting and casting nonstop for the remainder of the day. The sturgeon may not have been the real giants that I target in the summer months, but despite their size they fight like champs. Even the catfish put up a great battle when hooked on the right tackle. Several times throughout the morning the sonar went void of fish forcing me to move and find them again. Each time it was the same, plenty of hook ups and fish coming in every couple of minutes. Although the day started out cloudy and quite comfortable, eventually the humidity and sun had me raising the bimini top for the comfort of shade. Throughout all of this, the fishing remained constant. Fish after fish every few minutes and the rotation went fast.  Nobody seemed to have a clue as to how many fish were landed but they all knew it was great. Each person was well into the double digits by the time we called it, shortly after noon. Ilan, Meir, Dov & Benny had just experienced an amazing day of fishing that I’m sure none of them would forget anytime soon. They all left on a high and were already talking about a return trip very soon. I just hope they can get back for the giant sturgeon this summer and see what the real tankers feel like. I know I can’t wait to get them into some of our monsters of the deep too!!