Corey and his wife were with me for a morning trip and he requested smallies. No problem, I knew just where he could catch a bunch! We met at 7:00 and were fishing 15 minutes later. After a quick orientation on the area and a small explanation on how to work the baits, they were ready. I had Corey try some blades but the fish just didn’t seem to want to chase anything. I quickly switched him to soft plastics and hoped the bite would change. Minutes later, his wife hooked into a nice one but it threw the hook on a jump. Corey on the other hand started hooking up and kept at it with many smallies being landed. In fact, they both hooked into fish and even managed a double at one point. With the water on a slow rise I anticipate an improvement in the bite really soon! They worked this area thoroughly before we moved to another one further away. As bad luck would have it, his wife hooked into the largest bass of the day and it came unpinned on another jump. Although a little disappointed, she soon got over it! They hooked into a number of fish here and even had another double headed! I had them work this area over completely before moving to what would be our last stop. It was here that Corey brought up the numbers with many more fish coming aboard. Plenty of other strikes were also missed, but that’s fishing! Shortly after noon, we called it and headed back. It was definitely nice to be able to run in smooth water for a change. The last few days had seen 3 footers or better each time out. By 12:30 we were back and soon after parted ways. They really enjoyed catching these brown bass as they usually fish for only largemouth back home in Florida. Although they may be bigger, you can’t beat a smallie!!