What a strange day this was! A mid afternoon booking at 2:00 was cancelled due to forecasted thunder storms. I checked the radar, got back to Andre with the all clear and he decided to meet me at 1:00 instead. The person he was supposed to come with was reluctant to go out after he saw the weather and heard, 90% chance of thunder storms. You have to love our weather men! Rarely right! Anyway, I had some time to kill so I decided to head out earlier and continue the search for additional new areas & fish. It was on fire with the walleye biting really good this morning. Unfortunately, so were the lunge! Got another big one again. I covered lots of water and figured out what these fish were doing and where they were holding, then left. I would be back with Andre this afternoon. I headed to the ramp to meet him just before 1:00 and we rolled out. It had been quite a few years since I had fished with him and he was happy to be in this rig. With much more room than a bass boat, he loved it! We began our troll and the first fish to hit was a smallie around 3 pounds. He hadn’t been fishing in a while and was just glad to be hooked up with the fish. A little while later, the walleye started hitting and he was now boating some nice eyes. As he hadn’t eaten dore in a while, he was looking forward to eating some. I obliged him and put a few in the livewell throughout the afternoon. We covered all the areas I had located these fish the last couple of days and picked at them pretty good. There were even a couple of double headers that I hadn’t seen in a while! The fishing was great and I don’t think Andre had imagined it could ever be like this. Although he never really boated any giants, he did manage several overs up to almost 5 pounds. Along with these, he also caught plenty of quality keepers. Some of which went home with him for his dinner tonight. We stayed out a little later than I was use to and pulled the plug just before 6:30. Not before we were able to boat three more good fish though, in the last 5 minutes! I think we might have been able to do even better, if we didn’t have the north wind blowing 2 footers on us most of the afternoon. We definitely ended a great day on a high as Andre caught more fish than he ever could have imagined. All this from a cancelled day due to potential thunder storms and rain. Go figure, it was sunshine the whole day long!!