Dan was back with me again today for a half day with his daughter Carina. She had seen the results from his previous outings and wanted to experience it for herself. We met at 7:30 and went trolling for walleye. Despite being difficult, she managed 3 nice ones in less than an hour. I moved around and she caught another northern before I decided to go for smallies. I set them both up with soft plastics and went to an area that was loaded with some nice fish. Carina was new to this technique but caught on pretty quickly. Her hook set could have been a little meaner but she still managed to land a bunch of decent fish. Dan was in his glory after the weekend and knew exactly what to do. He too boated a number of good fish over the morning as we hit several areas holding the bass. There may not have been any giants landed, but the numbers of mid range bass were great. Both of us had places to be in the afternoon so we cut out shortly after 1:00 to head home. I’m sure I will see both of them again soon and especially once the sturgeon bite begins. I can’t wait to get Carina into a fish over 50 pounds! Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be able to make it happen!