I Spent the day with Christiane and Dan & his wife Maibbeth on the lake for a variety of fish. We targeted walleye when we got started and managed to put three good keepers in the well before changing it up to fish for bass. The weather was not like what I was use to as the winds were practically nonexistent.  Lately I’ve been out in some pretty good rollers and it was nice to see this for a change! I set everyone up with soft plastics and let the games begin. It didn’t take long before fish were being hooked and coming aboard. Dan may have managed to get the first couple of smallies but Christiane hooked into a giant and everyone was in awe as she battled this beast. She had only gotten out with me once or twice this season as bookings have been good and she was thoroughly enjoying the fight. It was definitely her largest in quite a while! I took several pics before releasing it back and they all resumed fishing. Both Dan & his wife Maibbeth were hooking up as well and all the fish were decent size. Dan was use to catching smaller ones on a drop shot rig at the lake he usually fishes and was real happy to get fish of this quality. He even managed a personal best that was soon to be broken a little later in the day. The fish were cooperating pretty good and numbers of good sized bass were getting caught until Christiane hooked another giant. She may not have been getting as many bites as everyone else but the ones she did get were good ones! After a couple of minutes I slid the net under another slab and shot a few more pics. We were definitely on the fish and it wasn’t long between bites. Eventually this area slowed and I moved to another and it started all over once again. Fish were coming in hand over fist and all quality! It was here that Dan finally got one over 4 pounds and his personal best! It was the icing on his cake for the day! He was catching all kinds of others but this was the one he would remember today. After beating on many, many more smallies, we decided to try for a few more walleye before calling the day. The troll was the way to go and 45 seconds after the lines were back in, one of the reels fired. Dan landed an over and immediately after the release, another one went off as well. Two fish in as many minutes! This one was a keeper and added to his others in the live well. I moved around a bit and managed to get two more eyes, a northern and a jumbo perch before ending the day. A little chaos at the dock due to the weekend warriors and I was out. We had spent the day on almost flat calm waters and they had landed a ton of fish. What more could you ask for?