A cancellation, or postponement opened up today for my niece to take advantage of. Lisa brought along my two great nieces as well, Emma & Niyah for a great outing. We hooked up just after 7:30 and headed out on a perfect day. Light winds out of the east put just a little chop on the lake and I motored to a walleye zone to try and lock them up. Several passes through the key areas fired the reels 4 times and we managed a 50% hookup. Two nice walleye were landed and released in the short time we fished there. Once the sun got on the water a little better, I decided to head somewhere else so that they could cast for bass. Smallmouth were all over the area as I instructed them on how to cast and work the baits. It didn’t take long before Emma had one blow up on hers and unfortunately it got off before she could get to fight it. Not long after Niyah also had one chase her bait to the boat but it too didn’t get pinned. Lisa did however manage to hook into one and hers came to the net. I decided to put a few in the livewell for some pics later and started with hers. Shortly after, Emma hooked into one and this thing gave her quite a tussle. We managed to bring it to net eventually and it too went into the aquarium for a later photo shoot. All we had left was Niyah and it did finally happen. Hers just exploded on the bait and ripped drag out of the reel, setting the hook for her. I slid the net under the fish and it joined the others in the well. Talk of a swim was going around the boat so I took them in shallow to take a dip. I brought the boat in so shallow that even Emma was able to stand and swim. They played for over an hour before taking a lunch break in the boat and re charging. I even put the bimini top up so that we could eat in comfort. After lunch however, they immediately went back to swimming. Even Lisa got in the water and I shot a bunch of pics and a video. I took Niyah out to slightly deeper water after, as she wanted to swim more as they played in the lake. Between jumping off the boat and swimming, there was very little fishing time after the lunch break. We did manage to get in a few casts eventually and Lisa landed another nice one. A couple more fish were also caught and three or four others lost or missed on the hook set. Somewhere around 2:30 we decided to call the day and head back, but not before many more jumps off the boat into the lake! All three took advantage of this large pool and ended the day with one last dip in the lake. I’m not sure which they enjoyed more, but my money was riding on the swimming part. What was supposed to be a fishing day turned into a great day at the water park with a side of fishing. Either way, it was nice to see the kids again and show them a great day, by spending time with them on the water!