Sam fished with me today and brought along a few family members as well. His had his two young children and his father. Sam Jr. was 6 and his daughter Mia was 5 making for an interesting time on the water. Although his son had fished with me before, this was the first time for Mia and I wanted to get them both into fish. We started late in the morning and I decided to look for the numbers, settling on a walleye spot. After a quick instruction to Sam sr. I started baiting the lines for his kids. All of a sudden I was going for the net, because he was locked up with a decent walleye. I guess he caught on quickly! I put it in the livewell as they were going to take a few back home with them tonight for dinner and resumed baiting the kids lines. It didn’t take long before Sam Jr. was hooked up and he brought to net a really nice over that was released right after several pics. His daughter was also landing a few of her own while the bite was good and everyone was having a great time. Sam was hooking several walleye and handing off the rods to his children as well, keeping them constantly occupied and on fish. Although it was cool and we could have used a little more sunshine, the bite was hot and that’s all that mattered! Both kids managed to land a lot of fish in the short time we were out. Towards the end I began making a few casts, hooked up and passed the rod to them to land as well. The time flew by and before we knew it, we were done. Sam didn’t want to stay out too long with his children, keeping them interested for the next time. This was a great idea as they never lost interest and left wanting more. We finished the day with a couple of overs and pulled the plug by 2:30. In only 4 hours of fishing they had managed to land about 20 walleye making this a great day all around. Who knows, maybe the next time they might land a sturgeon even heavier than them. I know Sam Jr. is already wanting to try for one on his next trip! Great day of fishing!!