Scott, Manson & Corey were with me today on another windy outing. I had to cancel yesterday’s clients due to the giant rollers on the lake, but ventured out this morning in what I thought was somewhat less. They were blowing from the W/NW at 25 knots with higher gusts at times, causing us many problems to fish. Boat control was difficult to say the least and I had all three of them casting in different directions as we drifted. At one point I had to leave the small engine in gear just to be able to maneuver the boat with the electric motor. Despite all these headaches, fish were caught! Manson managed to land a few and Scott lost a few but Corey was still trying to get his first hookup. The wind was blowing so hard on the area I wanted to fish that they couldn’t even feel their baits. They endured the pain and suffering  throughout the day and all of them were able to land some decent smallies. Manson boated a few of the better ones that I only took photos of, just because it was tough to leave the electric. I had to shoot fast so not to drift all over! Most of the areas I wanted to fish, I never even got to due to the conditions, but late in the day I tried a couple. Manson managed to catch a few more bass & both Scott & Corey followed soon afterwards. We couldn’t make this work for long as the gusts picked up causing the drift to be way too fast. I decided to end the pain & suffering and called the day. These guys had fished hard and endured plenty of headaches, but did manage to catch a bunch of fish regardless. It may not have been what they were accustomed to at this time of year but under the circumstances, they did great! I really hope the winds die off soon!