Neville hooked up with me today for two days of fishing, all the way from England. We hit the water in overcast skies that soon gave way to a non stop drizzle, but we didn’t care. The big fish were biting and that was all that mattered! He had never landed a walleye before and managed to get a bunch of really big ones back to back on the troll. Along with the Walters, he also reeled in many good northerns before we relocated and changed it up. He wanted to catch some bass so I brought him out for smallies first. It wasn’t going according to plan with the high muddy water and all he managed were a few lost fish on the jump. I quickly set him up with a blade instead of the tube and he landed his first ever brownie. Prior to this, he managed to catch a 3 pound walleye as well. He also had a great follow from a small musky that blew up at the boat. This area was starting to look like a multi species spot!

The afternoon saw a change in weather and with it, a change of species. We were now targeting largemouth and getting into them pretty good. The sun was shining, the wind was down and the bite was on. Many green bass fell victim to a soft plastic and a few brown ones as well. We ended the day just before 4:00 as I was taking him to a local watering hole for a great dinner. This proved to be the highlight of the day as both the food and atmosphere were to his liking. Tomorrow we will try to get a few other firsts for him including one of those feisty smallies on the fly. He also talked about learning the drop shot technique so that too is on the list. Hopefully we can accomplish everything he’s looking for in the two short days he’s here!!