Danial was back out with me again today after last week’s great fishing. This time he brought James and Peter, hoping for similar results. We got another late start and headed straight to a spot for smallmouth. I thought I’d give them a shot at some decent bass for the start. Peter was a novice and I had to teach him the basics on casting but it didn’t take long before he was casting great. It also didn’t take long before he was into the first bass of the day and it was a good one. We were working shallow rocks and everyone had an equal chanc at hooking up. For whatever reason though, Peter put the first four fish in the boat! Eventually the others also got into a few of their own and it was all good. After landing many more, we changed up to a troll in hopes of landing a few walleye for them to bring home. They were liking this style of fishing as it required little work on their part. I however made many adjustments on the lines to ensure that the baits were running at the right depths and clean of debris. It didn’t take long before one of the reels fired and Peter was landing his first ever walleye. It barely made the cut as a keeper and now they had one in the well. Shortly after another reel fired and number two was landed by James, joining the other one in the tank. Both these fish were high end keepers and in great condition. I made several passed in the same general area and managed to pick up a number of good fish in the process. All the others however were overs and way over at that! I’m not sure when we raised the roof but with the lack of wind and scorching heat, it was unanimous! It made for a much more comfortable troll and I was able to concentrate on finding fish in the shade. For the next several hours, they managed to land several pike and a couple more walleye before a change was made. We headed to another area much further away in hopes of continuing the troll. It was so hot that nobody wanted to come out from beneath the top! I reset the lines and covered more water with only limited success. Although I was marking plenty of fish and baitfish too, they just didn’t seem to want to chase. It felt like there was zero current because of the lack of wind. We did manage to get a few more walleye but they were all overs and had to be released. At the very end of the day they decided that they’d like to try drop shotting and I knew it was the right decision. These fish were pressed on the bottom and needed to be finessed into eating. It was almost immediately that Peter brought aboard another good keeper walleye and now there were three. The others were also hooking into fish but having a hard time keeping them pinned. In the remain 30 minutes they manage to land about a half dozen fish and put another keeper walleye in the box too! We had been on the water for almost 9 hours and it was officially time to go. This was without doubt the nicest day so far this season. It actually felt like summer for a change! On top of that there wasn’t a stitch of wind making me raise the roof for the right reason. These guys had experienced a great day of fishing and in picture perfect conditions! Who could ask for anything more?