Several weeks back I had a reservation from someone for a fathers day gift. Today they arrived and it couldn’t have been better. The weather was spectacular with temps in the high 70’s throughout the morning. Fish were cooperating and everyone was catching from the start. We spent the entire half day drop shotting open water shoals for walleye & bass and they managed to catch plenty of good sized ones in the process. Bob Jr. had the hot hand along with his nephew Jackson in the beginning but the others eventually came around too. They even managed to livewell several keeper sized walleye for a family gathering at the camp. Everything else was released, including the big sturgeon that came in the last half hour of the trip. Bob Jr. battled it for about 20 minutes before I was able to grab it with a glove. It was quite something on 10 lb. test and a light rod too!

This may have been the first trip for them to this area but something tells me that I haven’t seen the last of them. They had such a great time landing all kinds of fish in only a half day of fishing that I can only imagine what an entire day would have produced. Happy belated fathers day to Bob!