This was the last day of the three day trip for Chris & Sam and I wanted to see if I could get them into some bigger fish . We started out the day drop shotting open water shoals in some of the best wind conditions this week! The first area only produced 1 walleye so I shifted to the second spot quickly. This place was showing life as plenty of bait & hooks were on the screen. They both landed some pretty decent fish and a couple of high end keepers in only a few drifts. Once the sonar started looking empty, I pulled the plug and ran to another distant area to throw more lures. Chris was on fire with many fish being hooked. Too bad not all of them made it to the net! The smallies were throwing the hooks pretty good and several of them got off on the jump. These fish were also really scattered and I had to cover plenty of water in order to get bit. After a while we moved again as I really wanted a big fish or two for them! Almost every place we hit showed some signs of life, but most of the fish were just average to me. They thought the fish were great though and happy to tangle with all of them! I finally managed to hit on one place that had some better bass and it seemed like they were schooled. The water looked much cleaner where we were and I think the fish were able to see the baits much better. Sam located the first fish and I held in the area while Chris pounded on them. He was hooking into fish on almost every cast and happy to be battling each one. It was here that he managed to land his biggest brownie of the trip! I’m pretty sure they were in feeding and we had arrived at the right time. He even caught a monster perch on the same bait! High numbers and quality fish for over an hour and they were in heaven! We broke for a late lunch when the action slowed and were right back at it when we were done. I noticed that the winds had increased when we resumed and ran to more areas in search of better fish. As with all the places they fished today, fish were caught everywhere. Unfortunately getting into the bigger ones was not that easy. Water levels are still way up and only a handful of them are being seen each time out. Towards the end of the day I made another long run closer to the ramp and got them into more fish once again. Luckily Chris managed another photo fish and the two today were the largest ones of their trip. Sam on the other hand picked up another over golden walleye, but couldn’t keep any of the bass pinned during the fight.

We ended the day on a high and were back at the ramp soon after. Chris & Sam had landed more fish in the three days than they could have hoped for and were heading home quite satisfied. The Royal Valet service was also awaiting our removal and I was able to drive the boat right onto the trailer once again. I could really get use to this! Don had kept my keys from earlier and seen us coming in. I think I need to create something like this service for all the other people that use the ramp. Sort of like a parking attendant that backs them in and takes them out. After all, it’s a real circus show watching most people do it themselves!