Chris & Sam had three days scheduled with me and today we got it started with a bang. As usual, the lake was giant when we took off, but no match for the Ranger! Being both from Tennessee, they were hoping for some brownie action and that’s exactly what they got. Although I wasn’t able to hit my first spot due to a zodiac anchored on it, I decided to try the open water and take the punishment from gusting winds. Well let’s just say that the weather didn’t seem to matter as Sam put a beating on the fish for over three hours. Chris held his own too and between them, they landed insane amounts of decent sized bass. They even managed to bring over a dozen walleye into the boat as well. After remaining in one area for as long as we had, I finally decided to head to another spot quite a distance away. It was still howling and the waves were 2 & 3 footers with an occasional rogue making it an interesting run. Once I arrived, I almost immediately lost confidence when I saw the grey color of the water we were now in. Although slightly better than the brown water we had hammered the bass in earlier, this area should have been clear. My worries were soon confirmed when after covering plenty of good water, they hadn’t had a touch. I decided to break for lunch and just let the boat drift while we ate and afterwards try for some largemouth. Sam managed to land one and lose a couple of others and Chris had a pike eat his bait directly under the boat, that soon came off. I had planned on going for more smallies and shifted to another offshore area to be punished once again. It wasn’t easy standing on the front deck in the rollers but it was definitely worth it. Both Sam & Chris began beating on the smallies once again and it didn’t seem to matter. They worked this area thoroughly and managed to catch a boatload more of the brown bass. With the day nearing the end, I thought I’d hit a few other areas in deeper water that I hadn’t touched this season and was glad that I had. They managed to catch several more bass and a couple more keeper walleye before we were done. Right around the time I was packing everything up, I received a text from Don asking when I was getting off  I knew exactly why and told him I’d be back at the ramp in about 5 minutes. He had dropped me in this morning and was waiting in the water when I returned. I can definitely get use to this valet service! Especially when the ramp is a zoo on the weekends! Right on cue, I just drove the boat onto the trailer and we pulled out. Now that’s service!

Although we were dealt a crappy hand weather wise, we definitely fended quite well with the fishing. With a few adjustments they were able to capture high numbers of fish throughout the day. I can deal with big winds and waves when the action is this hot, anytime! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them tomorrow!