It seems that this year I only have two types of wind, giant or none! I actually thought today that I would be lucky to have something in between, but I was wrong. An early morning thunder storm passed through and by the time I was to meet my guests, it went completely flat. I had arrived almost an hour earlier than them with a nice chop on the water, but it soon disappeared. When they finally met me, the lake looked like a mirror!

Peter Svoboda was back again with Milo and his grandson Adam as well as his father. They were hoping for a similar day to the one we had a week ago. I had set everything up for drop shotting but didn’t know if we would be able to make it happen without any wind. There wasn’t very much current either making this even more difficult! Ironically on our first drift, they all locked up giving them another quad for their start. This was the second time it had happened and it was a very good sign of things to come! All of their fish were walleye but only one of them was legal and found it’s way into the livewell. We made a few more drifts hoping for others to join it but were plagued with only small ones. I shifted to another spot close by and soon found that the current was even slower here. Several more small walleye later we pulled the plug and attempted trolling nearby.

I had hoped to get Adam into a bunch of fish today but it wasn’t looking good. We covered a lot of water and relocated a few times only to come up empty and without even as much as a single rip. I even had to raise the roof when it began to rain so that everyone stayed dry. The skies showed signs of showers in a few areas and I didn’t want to go anywhere until it stopped. Eventually we were able to drop the top and made a long run to a place that I was sure would be holding some fish.

Once we arrived at our new location, it didn’t take long. I barely had time to get the four lines in and one of the reels fired giving Adam a well deserved fish to fight. Within seconds another reel went off and his father was also battling one of his own. Things were actually starting to look a whole lot better now that we were around fish! They both managed to bring their fish to net, making for a great Kodak moment! We returned them afterwards and got right back at it putting several more fish on Adam’s line. I even had to re raise the roof again, but this time it was because of the sunshine. It had become a real scorcher without any wind and we were all baking! Although the trolling bite wasn’t great, we did manage to pick at the fish here & there. Adam even landed a nice keeper walleye that joined the other one in the well. Time was passing fast and I wanted to see more action so we headed to another area and tried our luck at casting for bass.

Once we arrived, I showed everyone what to do and they began casting soft plastics to the fish. Unfortunately it didn’t last long as I noticed some bad weather off in the distance. I could see the heavy cloud masses and immediately checked the radar. There were storms coming our way and I moved to another area closer to the ramp to monitor the systems. I don’t think we were there for 3 minutes when both Milo & I saw lightning. I had thought I heard thunder earlier and now it was confirmed. We immediately packed up and raced back to the ramp to take out. I never mess with electricity while on the water! It had been a while since I opened the motor up, but this gave me a reason to go full pin! We made it back with plenty of time and I knew it was the right decision.

Although our day was cut a little short, it was still a great outing filled with lots of fish. Adam & his father had gotten to experience what the others had already done and everyone had a good time in the process. I would have liked to move around a bit more but we ran out of time due to the weather. Better safe than sorry as no fish is worth risking a life over. There’s always another day!