Stephan was with me today and this time he brought his entire family too! We headed out shortly after 7 and directly to fish for the big ones. He had landed many in the past with me and was hoping to get his kids into a few of the dinosaurs this morning. We spent about 3 hours anchoring in several places and only managed one smaller than usual fish for our efforts. His daughter was the lucky one as she actually got to reel it in and pose for the pic. Time to move!

I headed to a bass area and it didn’t take long before everyone was hooking fish. Although not all big, there were some really nice fish landed as we covered water searching for the real giants. They all thoroughly enjoyed casting baits and manipulating their own rods to entice the strikes. I had wanted to move around more but the weekend traffic on the lake was just insane. I eventually just gave up and pulled the plug here, opting to troll in another area of the lake.

Stephan was hoping to take a couple of walleye home for dinner, so I decided that trolling would be our best option. Getting there however wasn’t easy as the water looked more like city rush hour than an actual lake. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this many boats out and I hope it’s even longer before I see it again! Eventually I arrived safely and set up everything to troll. Not long after, the first reel fired and we had a walleye for them to take home. It was a high end keeper and really thick too! While here,we had three doubles and many singles along with probably a half dozen fish that never really stayed pinned. By the time it was all over, they had landed two walleye, 6 pike and a hand full of decent smallies, all in under an hour! I can’t wait to try this area again when there’s no boat traffic!

Although the day wasn’t easy, I managed to make it work again by changing up often. The kids had a great time catching fish on their own as well as reeling in many from the troll. They called it a little early and we headed back right around 2:30 as Stephan had a couple of appointments later in the afternoon.

Considering all the boats out today, it couldn’t have gone better as we were always on fish. I know summer is still upon us but I really can’t wait for the fall and less traffic on the lake. Either way, I will be on the water pretty much every day right up till the end, catching everything that swims. Cooler weather and water temps will soon be making fish more active and easier to target and all the pleasure boats will be stored until next season. Bring it on!