I hit the water this morning with Dan for a half day outing. It was his birthday and I wanted to make sure he started it with a bang! With limited time to fish, I decided to stay fairly close and go for bass & walleye, to maximize his fishing time. We would start out drop shotting and it didn’t take long for him to hook up. I believe it was even his first cast! He was into a nice chunky smallie and loving the way his day was starting! There were even several more fish landed on the same drift with a mix of bass & walleye. I was fishing a small area with a good wind and the drifts were almost perfect. Each time we made a pass, there were fish being caught! I even livewelled a few of the keeper eyes for dinner tonight!

At one point we had to move away from where we were fishing because there was another boat coming straight as us. Huge lake and nowhere else to go I guess! Areas like these are quite difficult to find and I didn’t want to hand it to him on a platter. I just ran to another place much further away. We barely made a half drift and Dan nailed a really nice walleye on a jig’ that turned out to be his big one of the day. Unfortunately it was short lived as that boat was on another collision course with us to see what we were doing. What a pain in the ass! Not another boat for miles and this guy thought he’d just fish with us. I immediately packed up and did a drive by, showing him how pissed I was! I expect this on weekends but not during the week. Absolutely unbelievable!

We ran back to the original area and had to drop shot again due to the increase in wind. It had also swung a little more south and I had to compensate for the new drift direction. We spent about another hour making several passes, all the while catching more fish. Eventually he had to go as he had to be somewhere by noon and we cut it as close as we possibly could.

Despite the relentless and annoying other boat, I still managed to make this a birthday to remember. I can’t think of a better way to spend it than to fish. I know I take advantage of mine each year by enjoying it either in the river or on hard water, ice fishing. I’m sure he would have rather stayed out on the lake, but duty called and he was off to work for the afternoon. At least he got the day started with a bang!