David & Chris joined me this morning, for a day of multi species fishing. We started out around 7:00 and wasted no time setting up for the bigguns! Unfortunately only two small ones cooperated and we quickly decided to move to another location.

I gave trolling a shot but after about 45 minutes and only two pike to show for our efforts, I pulled the plug on this as well. We were going to try for walleye next as I was sure they would be able to catch a limit of keepers to take home!

I ran to an area that I had only fished for a couple of hours total recently and began the drift. Unfortunately there was almost no wind and what little current we had barely moved the boat. They started out with drop shotting and despite marking all kinds on the sonar, hooked only a handful of perch. One walleye was landed though that made it into the tank as a low end keeper! These fish were pressed to the bottom and not moving with the lack of flow. I decided to try something different and almost immediately hooked into what may have been the largest walleye landed this year. No pics and a quick release and I had David throwing the same presentation. I had tried a technique that worked many timed under similar conditions and apparently it was working again!

After a quick demonstration , David was landing some big walleye! His personal best came in first and a bunch more overs in the next couple of hours too. I was trying to get them a few keepers but having a difficult time keeping the big ones from eating. After several more fish, I just switched Chris up as well and rid him of the drop shot. Although he missed many fish, he did catch one and it was a good keeper. On a lighter note, his dad managed to land many more as well as a couple of really good smallies. I even hooked a northern for the second time and netted the culprit that had bitten me off a little earlier. I knew this for sure because he still had the sinker attached to the drop shot hanging out of his mouth!

The lack of wind & flow had caused us to make a few changes and the results were success! They had caught plenty of fish today with only a few minor adjustments. David had even managed a Grand Slam without even knowing it! We had remained on fish for the bulk of the afternoon and just picked at the walleye, but they were large! In the numbers of fish landed only 3 of them were keepers. What a great afternoon for giant eyes! I can’t wait to get back out and see if there’s a double digit fish in the group. Hopefully someone will find out in the coming weeks and land their personal best again. Only time will tell!