September 15th 2017


I hit the water this morning with Bernard (aka Vern) for a mix of fish today. We began on smallies, moved to walleye and ended the day with a giant dinosaur that proved to be his PB by far!

Although we had a light wind, it was enough to be a pain in the butt as it was blowing from the N/E. Drifting over flats proved to be difficult and it even seemed like we were anchored at times. We had to switch up presentations often in order to get bit. Plenty of fish were landed in the several hours we remained here. After many big walleye and bass, I eventually pulled the plug and headed to another place to fish.

We arrived on a main river point and were casting drop shot rigs into the current for our strikes. The lack of flow wasn’t great and hits were few & far between. Several missed fish and a couple of walleye later, we pulled the plug on this spot too, as the fish weren’t cooperating.

By now the sun was high and it was getting quite hot with the lack of wind but I thought I’d give the “Big Dogs” a try. We headed to an area that I knew would be holding some giants. I wasn’t looking for numbers, only size and would be happy with just one bite! I raised the roof for some shade and enjoyed the drop in temperature while anchored. Well, after a couple of moves, we finally got our wish. I reared back into dead weight on the bite and immediately passed the rod to Vern. I knew when I had set on her that it was going to be a good one as it never moved! The battle lasted about 15 minutes with this thing remaining on the bottom almost the entire time. Well except for one spectacular leap that was about two feet off the side of the boat. It damn near scared the crap out of Vern when she landed with a huge splash. It even got the inside of the boat wet! Eventually he brought his catch alongside and I was able to net the monster. Easy part over, hard part about to begin! Now he had to lift it for the pics and it wasn’t going to be easy. With a little help, we managed to get it on his lap while he sat for the pictures. A quick release and away she swam unharmed! I immediately packed everything up and pulled out as we had accomplished what we had come for and it would surely be all downhill after this fish!

I thought we’d stop on a walleye spot to see if we could pick up a few more, but it wasn’t meant to be. Although I was marking plenty on the bottom, that was exactly where they were staying. Twenty minutes later, we decided to call it quits. I fired up the big engine and had issues getting it up on plane when I tried to head back. I experienced this once before but thought the problem had been fixed. One of my coils had crapped out on me and was replaced, fixing the problem completely. We made it back alright but the engine was definitely down on power and would need to be fixed. I made a quick call to the Raisin River Marina on my way home and scheduled an appointment for the following morning.

Jumping ahead to today, motor fixed and running again! They replaced a coil (N/C) & plugs and put me back on the water in less than an hour. No other dealer can provide service like that and on a Saturday as well. Hats off to the Raisin River as their service is the best! I know I’ll never change dealers!