Scott & Obie hit the water this morning with me after a cancellation last Monday. Between the winds and the rain, we had to reschedule for today. We did have both again though, but on a much smaller scale! Rains were misty and more off than on making it more comfortable to fish.

Scott got the ball rolling early when he locked up on a giant, from his first bite of the day. Nice starter fish! Although the water was still somewhat stained, the fish seemed a little more active than this past weekend. I thought they were going to crush them after seeing Scott’s fish and instructed Obie how to fish the area effectively. Soon after he was tight to one of his own and battling a nice fish as well. We fished this area thoroughly in the next hour or so and they both landed and lost several more decent bass.

I decided to cover water a bit more and ventured offshore looking for more big fish. Unfortunately all we could find were smaller than average ones and I gave up on this rather quickly. I thought I’d set them up on a steep edge next when I began marking fish and Scott nailed a good one almost immediately. They both missed a few more after and only landed about 50% of their bites before I pulled the plug on the area entirely.

The winds had increased quite a bit more and switched from the west to the N/NW blowing about 20 knots. This definitely made fishing difficult and more adjustments were needed in order to keep them on fish. I figured that the big winds and direction change might have the fish active and went shallow to give it a try. Immediately they began catching fish after fish and some real quality! Obie even landed his personal best and one of the better ones this season. We milked this area for everything it was worth until nothing wanted to bite anymore. The damage was done and we did it!

With time running out in the day I decided to try the area we began in and they managed to land another half dozen good fish before we called it a day. They also missed at least that many hits as well in the time we fished it!

Scott will be back again next week with a couple of other friends and with any luck, the weather will be as nice as it was today. He has a history of wind & rain if not snow and today was probably the nicest it’s ever been! Our luck it’ll be a blizzard and be way below freezing! I’m crossing my fingers and toes for the best!