November 3rd & 4th 2017


Craig & Herm had an interesting 2 day trip this year, to say the least! Friday saw the day beginning with air temps in the low 50’s and heavy rain at the start. Winds were suppose to howl to over 40 knots from the west, starting early morning. It had the makings of a perfectly regular trip for these two!

The fishing was more difficult than I had expected it to be and they just picked at them for the first couple of hours. Fortunately the rains stopped fairly quickly, making fishing a whole lot more comfortable. Craig managed to nail several nice ones while Herm continued to struggle and it only got worse. The winds began to blow pretty good early afternoon and boat control was difficult at best. They were definitely working for each & every bite! I was also limited to where I could fish as the waves were pretty big all over. At least the boat traffic was light with only about 4 others on the water. I was sure it would change by tomorrow and hit all the best places today. Right around 4:00 we called the day and headed back to take out. Tomorrow would be another day and lighter winds were forecasted . This would likely bring out more boats than I wanted but we would be back regardless. Still a good day today!

Saturday morning saw us starting in below freezing temps. It had dipped to about 29 degrees overnight and frosted everything up after yesterdays rainfall. I was just glad I was able to open the compartment lids on the boat! What I wasn’t happy about were all the boats at the ramp when we arrived. More trailers were even in the parking lot as well. I think they must have launched in the dark!

We headed out without any preconceived notions of what & where we would fish. I would have to decide everything based on the boat traffic and hoped for a place or two to be able to cast.

Unlike yesterday, Herm wasted no time getting the first fish in the boat but the second one was a different story. Bites were few & far between and we were forced to fish really slow to get them. Eventually after relocating around other boats, I held in an area that was to produce multiple fish for both. Herm landed a giant and his best fish of the trip while drop shotting a deep area. It was nice to finally see a real quality bass in the net. Craig followed it up with several more good ones but none as big as the one Herm had caught.

We had made many moves already and I decided to move to an open water spot that I hadn’t fished once this fall. I was actually surprised that it wasn’t already occupied when I arrived! Craig nailed another giant on almost his first cast that topped Herm’s for the day. He followed it up with several others and another even bigger too! Daylight was getting on as I made another move and they boated several other slightly smaller fish from our last spot. By 4:00 we were once again done!

The two day trip they experienced was interesting to say the least. Water color was absolutely terrible with all the high winds and rain that we received recently. This somehow effected the fish as the numbers just weren’t there! The quality definitely was however and that’s exactly what they had wanted. They left with many nice pics of the big fish they landed. Craig will be back again next week with Steve for a little more redemption. Hopefully the fishing will be even better and the numbers of big fish will be there too! I can wait for a little redemption myself!