Warren & I were back on the lake once more today, but this time Nathan also joined us. It had actually cooled off a bit overnight, and the morning air wasn’t unbearable to fish in. It started off a little slow as we only had a handful of pickups in the first area and I thought we should change locations rather quickly. The next area didn’t produce too much better, but the fish were a better size with a couple of them going 4.5 pounds. Every time we relocated, we hooked into a few bass, but never the quantity I expected until later in the afternoon. I decided to try a few areas I hadn’t touched in years and see what might happen. Apparently it was the right choice, because this was where we were to spend the remainder of the day, catching instead of just fishing! Senko’s fished slowly on long casts accounted for about 95 % of the fish landed today with a few others caught on slowly dragged tubes. We were forced to call it earlier than we wanted to as we were monitoring the weather in the distance for quite some time. We always seemed to be in the right area with the thunder and black skies away from us in the distance. We could see rain falling several miles away but with the W/SW winds at 10 knots or so, it just stayed away. Eventually, it just looked too bad to chance it anymore and we gave in! By the time it was all over, there were probably close to 30 bass landed with many 3 pounds & better. A rather tough day, but we definitely made it work!!