Well after a well deserved day off yesterday, I was back on the water once more with Ward today looking for bigger smallies for him to battle. We opted for another lake this morning and I think we made the right choice. As with most days out, Mother Nature dictates the outcome and today was no exception. We had the morning partly cloudy with occasional sunshine and oh yeah, “Dog Pecker Knats” all around! The afternoon was slightly different with one storm system after another. We were chased off the lake twice and called it a little early due to another thunder storm right near the end of our day. Heavy cold rains with lightning had me taking refuge much closer to the shore after a float tube death this past weekend in Ontario. Although we didn’t have as many hookups as Monday, the caliber was definitely much better. Ward’s first fish to come in the boat was pushing 5 pounds! His second one was slightly bigger and the rest were all in the same class too. The morning bite was slow but the rewards were worth the wait. All quality and not quantity! Reaction baits weren’t doing it for us but by fine tuning the presentations and slowing down we were able to pick big ones here & there. Without the aid of the wind it seemed like someone had just shut off the current and nothing was moving. I actually felt like I was anchored at times! Once the storms started the fish seemed to become smaller and we weren’t able to get into anything of decent size. Three pounders were about the best we could manage and there weren’t many. I ran to many a new area just hoping to find active feeders but never really keyed in on them with these systems. Somewhere around 4:30 we decided to call it a day as thunder lurked all around us and we were both getting that uncomfortable feeling once more. Ward will just have to make a return trip later in the season if he wants to get into high numbers of these quality footballs like he saw today. Something tells me the wheels are already in motion!!