Craig & Herm were back this morning and the fog was just as thick as yesterday. Unfortunately it didn’t lift like the day before, by the time we reached the ramp. We launched in the really thick stuff and I had to be extremely careful for the run. Needless to say, I didn’t race to our starting spot but rather slowly made our way there with all eyes open. GPS is a necessity these days but radar would have been even better! We arrived safely and it didn’t take long before they were hooking up. Both Craig & Herm were into fish in the first couple of minutes and they were good ones. I was fortunate enough to have a little visibility allowing me to remain in the area I wanted. As soon as I moved off though, they didn’t get bit. This went on for a few hours and many, many fish were boated throughout this period. I could hear boats running in the distance several times, but we never even saw them. As I didn’t want to venture too far from land, I remained close to the shore for the morning. I think it finally lifted after 1:00 and the sun actually came out of hiding for the afternoon. Along with the sun, plenty of other boats also came out! They must have been waiting for the same thing because now many of them were running all over the water. We on the other hand, stayed put and covered water slowly and efficiently. When the smaller fish became more present, I made adjustments and got them on the bigger ones again. By fishing slowly in the right areas we were able to repeat yesterdays results, less a couple of giants! The fishing has been incredible lately and unless something drastic changes, it should continue right through till the end of the month. Maybe even into December! All I know is that the big fish are eating now and with the right adjustments, they can be caught. Craig & Herm can attest to this as they both had an incredible two days of fishing, catching all kinds of big bass. Despite all the traffic, they were still able to boat plenty of smallies before we ended the day shortly after 3:15. Darkness sets in early nowadays and it’s always nice to get home in the light & they had a long drive too. This will be their last shot at giant smallies, but not mine. I hope to get back out several more times before the waters freeze over signaling another season is done. As much as I enjoy the hard water fishing, I prefer open water and the flexibility of moving around in the boat. Let’s just hope Mother Nature is kind to us and extends the season a little longer. Too many fish, too little time!!