Advanced Bassin' Plus is happy to offer full & half day fishing trips.

Battle some of the toughest swimming freshwater fish around Montreal, with one of Quebec's top leading tournament fishermen! Fish the St. Lawrence River and adjoining lakes for a variety of the trophies they hold.

Join Mark Currie who while competing, accumulated over thirty finishes in the top three and plenty more in the top ten. With the prestigious "Triple Crown", consisting of Angler of the Year, Team of the Year, and the Classic Champion, his credentials speak for themselves. Take advantage of his guiding skills as he teaches you to fish like a pro.

With education being his main goal, a day on the water with him will definitely help you catch more fish. Techniques & presentations will be taught to help everyone become better fishermen. From amateurs to veterans, fishing with Advanced Bassin' Plus will prove to be a memorable learning experience that the whole family will enjoy! Let him guide you today!

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  • Relocating From The Winds

    August 21st 2016   I guess when you're on the water every day, there's bound to be a few you wish you weren't! Today was pretty much one of them as I had to look for an alternate ramp to launch... Read More »

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    August 20th 2016   A last minute cancellation/postponement opened the door for Christiane to get in a few hours of fishing. After taking care of a bunch of things at home, we finally got to the... Read More »

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