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    • Mother Nature Shines

      Who would have thought two months back when this trip was booked that it would turn out like this. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day! Denis, Bob & Terry experienced flat calm conditions and a really smooth ride to where we started. It was a long run with the… Read More →

    • First Cold Front

      Getting on the lake lately has been challenge, to say the least! One day the ramp is open, the next it’s closed. Add the “Gale Force Winds” most days along with high, cold, dirty water and getting bit isn’t easy either. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with two guys from… Read More →

    • Flood Water Fishing

      Our day began with a long run in 20 knot NE winds and big waves. I wasn’t sure how we would make out as it was my first outing for pike, this season. Flood waters surrounding Montreal had the lake much higher than any springtime level I’ve ever experienced. I was… Read More →