I had a few more days off and decided to join my friend Rick on Lake Ontario for Salmon. We had a tough time with the wind on the first day and spent it shopping at places like Bass Pro Shops & Gander Mountain. We were however able to get out late in the afternoon for a few hours when the waves subsided to 2 & 3 feet. Two salmon on and both lost were all we had until an 8 pound Walleye decided to end his life as the last rod was reeled in for the evening. It hit a spoon and was suspended up in 20 feet over 80 feet of water. The second day we had better weather and stayed out until about 3:30 in the afternoon before calling it a day. We went 2 for 6 today with plenty of equipment failure to blame for our losses. Faulty fluorocarbon leader material was the biggest problem with break offs. The morning of the third day was to be a short one as we had strong S/E winds and seas of 6 foot only a couple of miles off shore. We did manage to get one take and landed a salmon of about 20 pounds before calling it a day. It’s tough when you have three days and only spend about one of them actually fishing. Hopefully next time will be a little better as Mother Nature wins another one with me this season.