I took advantage of the amazing weather we had this past week and prepped my boat for springtime Salmon on Lake Champlain. This was to be our first trip this season and it was about 2 weeks earlier than last year. I managed to get on the water around 10:00 after the long drive to the lake. No need arriving too early at this time of the year with the water temps so cold! We had an air temp that was heading towards the low 50’s and a water temp that ranged between 37 and 43 degrees. Winds were out of the N/NW at 15 knots with a good chop on the water all day. Unfortunately with this wind direction, it was difficult to find clear water & troll with fly rods. Visibility was definitely going to be a concern! It took over 2 hours before we had our first strike and Christiane finally got the skunk out of the boat as I netted our first Salmon. It was a little scarred up from what looked like a previous pike attack. Unfortunately for the pike, I would be dining on him and into the livewell he went! We continued to fish until about 3:30 with only one other salmon on, but lost it before the rod could be removed from the holder. A tiny perch and a few other strikes were all she wrote for this first day out! I had covered lots of water to only be rewarded with one fish for my efforts. Oh well, that’s fishing! I think the fish were definitely in the areas I fished, but visibility played a big part in our end results. I will be back out again this week and expect much better fishing if the water clears up. Average days will soon see 8 or more salmon and some brown trout coming aboard during the course of the day. Hopefully under prime conditions I can have another day of more than 20 fish caught, like last year! If anyone is interested in trying this, I have plenty of available days open before I head to another lake in May for Bass. I also have openings for the months of May & June when average daily catches of Smallmouth see upwards of 100 bass for 2 people. Give me a call at 514-696-1741 for more information or a day on the water. Tight Lines to All!! No pics today but here’s one from last season!