I fished with Dave & Jeff today on Lake Champlain for Landlocked Salmon. It was a chilly morning with the air barely above freezing when we arrived. I don’t think it ever reached 48 degrees by the end of the day and with the wind from the N/NW once again, it felt more like 38. Water temps were between 39.5 and 42.5 degrees, depending where you were. I thought it was going to be a great day when Dave hooked into a fish while letting the line out on the first rod. This was a first as it wasn’t even two minutes into the day and we had our first hook up! What an initiation into this technique as a beautiful bonus brown trout came to the net. It was quite a while before the second rod fired and Jeff was into the first Salmon of the day. It gave him quite a fight as the fish tangled into another fly line during the battle. Luckily, we were able to land it even with the mess that occurred! A couple more fish managed to get off shortly afterwards due to short strikes. I think they were lightly taking the tail of the baits as some of them just came off during the battle. No doubles today, but still good fishing nevertheless! Five Salmon & one brown were landed with a few others lost and some short strikes. All in all about 10 or 12 possible fish with about half landed. With this cooler water, it’s not uncommon to have a day like this. Warmer weather is ahead of us for this week and the fishing will only continue to get better as the water warms. Multiple hookups and double-digit days are soon to come and I will be there to take advantage of this. It’s “Niche Season” and the Ouananiche Salmon are coming alive with the water temps on the rise. The next couple of days will be the best so far with sunshine and 60 degrees forecasted for both of them. Hopefully someone will take advantage of this weather pattern and experience some of the best Salmon of the year. Tight Lines to all!!!