I was back on the water again today with Jim & one of his brothers Howard once more for smallmouth bass. Unfortunately, Jeff had to fly back home early this morning for business. What a day to miss! The morning began with air temps almost 70 degrees, overcast skies & virtually no wind. The water temps stayed around 64 degrees overnight and rose to 66 by days end. Almost immediately after wetting a line on our first spot, Howard was into the first acrobatic smallie of over 3 pounds. It put on quite a spectacular aerial display as it spent more time in the air than the water. Senko’s were definitely the ticket today as about 20 bass were caught & released up to almost 5 pounds. Most of these fish showed the same amount of energy, as they all seemed to put on amazing battles as well. Boat control was definitely a lot easier as I hardly needed the electric motor at all. We spent plenty of time fishing all the offshore places that we just weren’t able to yesterday and caught fish on all of them. In fact, if Jim had been able to monopolize on all the hits he had, there would have been more than 30 bass landed today. All in all it was just a fantastic day to be on the water!!!