I had the pleasure of fishing with Sherine & her twin sons, Nagui and Sherif today for smallmouth bass. We began the day with air temps around 75 degrees and high humidity on our run up the lake. The winds were out of the S/SW at 15 to 20 knots making for a bumpy ride. Water tems held around 73 degrees as well on most places that we fished. We were only to be fishing for a half day, so I tried for a few quick bites on one of the better areas on the lake. Unfortunately, Sherine was the only one to catch a couple of bass and they were on the small side. Both boys had bites, but nothing came to the boat! The second area produced a few more fish and Nagui managed to land a couple of bass a bit larger as well as Sherine once again. Several other fish were missed once more and we decided to switch locations again. This time, we were fishing even shallower on rocky flats with soft plastic jerk-baits and brought up plenty of smallmouth up to almost 4 pounds. The sad part was that only a few more were brought to net! Most of the fish were either missed, or lost after the hook up. I’m not usually a superstitious kind of person, but there were quite a few bananas on the boat! Once more, Sherine managed to land a real good one around 4 pounds and Nagui followed up with one slightly smaller. There were definitely plenty of fish as we saw several of them just swimming around where we were fishing. The wind was making it a little difficult to hold the boat in the areas that I wanted to fish, so we just drifted over the flats, casting at any rocks that we could see. Time was running out, but I really wanted Sherif to land something, so I stopped at one more place on the run back to see if he could hook up. This time, the fish were much larger and both Nagui and Sherif missed chances at smallies over 5 pounds. This was definately going to be the day of the missed fish as we called it quits and headed to the ramp. There were probably around a dozen fish landed by us, but more than double that missed. Oh well, that’s fishing! It was still a great day on the water!