Ron & his son Alexandrer were my guests today on another local lake for smallmouth bass. This was going to be a challenge as Ron hadn’t fished in a real long time and Alex had never fished before. The weather was absolutely perfect with light W/NW winds of 5 to 10 knots and a mix of clouds & sunshine throughout the day. The air temps reached 73 degrees and the water temps were about 69 degrees in most areas. My first three demonstration casts all produced small largemouth as I showed them how to cast & fish the baits we were to use all day. A few more largemouth and practice casts and we were off for the smallies that we came for! The first fist was rather small at about 2 pounds and Alex muscled it into the boat quickly. The second fish however wasn’t going to come in that easily as a smallie twice the size had other thoughts. It was really great to see a young boy with such enthusiasm and determination fighting a fish this big. Once in the net, Alex needed a quick rest from being warn out by the bass but was back casting shortly after, again. Ron landed the next one of over 3 pounds without any trouble and the game was on! The 4 largest smallies of the morning were all caught by Alex with his biggest going over 5 pounds. The action was slow, but every fish was a good one with most being in the 4 pound or better range. We took several photos and returned them all back to the lake unharmed before we decided to break for lunch. The afternoon was a little slower, but the bites were still good ones as we managed to get into more fish in the 3 to 4 pound size on almost every spot we fished. Ron made it look easy when he hooked a fish beside the boat and it immediately jumped into the boat, landing right at his feet. Fortunately it jumped back into the lake and gave him a better fight afterwards! We spent the last hour or so of the day fishing for largemouth and managed to get several decent fish before Ron latched into something that just fought too hard to be a largemouth. It turned out to be another big smallie of about 5 pounds that acted like it was on steroids. The jumps and aerial displays were phenominal as it seemed to spend more time in the air than the water. Another quick photo and back to the lake she went, unharmed once more! We stuck it out a little longer, then decided to call it quits for the day. For two novices like Ron & Alex, they definately made a great improvement in just a short time. Alex was casting like a veteran by the end of the day and both were definately holding their own in the catching catagory. A great day on the water with probably more than 20 fish landed and many more lost too!!