After a long and disappointing tournament on Lake Champlain recently, I was back on the water today with Joe for more smallie action. He hadn’t caught too many of these bronze beasts before and was in for a real treat! We were blessed with beautiful weather & sunny skies almost all day long. Air temps went into the low 70’s and the water temps were around 61 degrees, depending on where we were. Light winds from the S/E turned to heavier winds from the N at the end of the day, but the fishing was great. We mixed it up a little with deep water being the best areas we were to encounter. The shallower water produced some big fish, but the majority of them were rather spooky in the sunshine. Tubes, spider grubs and senko’s were about all we needed to use today as Joe learned several new techniques. The 20 to 30 foot range proved to give up more of the bigger fish in the 4 to 5+ size, so we concentrated mostly there. By the end of the day, there had to be between 40 & 50 smallies landed and plenty more missed or just lost. Overall, a great day on the water!!