Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Hugues & his son Olivier as well as a Gilbert, a business associate of Hugues. We headed to the St-Lawrence River & dragged tubes & spider grubs all day long. With this many people on board, safety comes first. No treble hook lures rigged! The weather held out for us all day with overcast skies and cool N winds until afternoon. Fortunately they were light and not too cold! The air temps were in the mid 60’s and the water temps were 59 degrees. The biggest problem we were going to have to face was the water clarity. It looked like coffee with two cream! I had a hard time finding areas that the fish would actually be able to see our presentations. The action wasn’t fast & furious like I had anticipated as we picked a couple here & there in pretty much every spot we fished. Olivier definitely had the hot hand in the morning as he surpassed everyone on board. Gilbert managed to land the biggest with one over 5 pounds and another topping the 4 pound mark. Hugues also had a bruiser on for a short while until she decided to go airborne and threw the hook. In the afternoon, we finally got to an area that began to produce steady action for a while. Both father & son hooked up and landed a couple of smallies at the same time. Finally, a double! Gilbert stood his ground as well with a couple of bass and a nice walleye to his credit. All the usual areas had some fish, but the visibility definitely played a role in the numbers today. We hit a couple more areas and they all landed a few more fish before we called it a day and headed to the ramp. It was definitely a challenge today as 25 or so smallies up to & over 5 pounds came to the net. There were plenty of others lost and missed as well. All in all a pretty decent day just drifting & dragging!