I fished with Richard & Stephan today on lake St-Louis for bass and had a blast! The weather was great with a cool morning air of 60 degrees and no wind for the run up the lake. Water temps were barely 73 degrees and the fish were a little lethargic for the start, but once the sun appeared, they seemed to wake up. Richard was into the first decent bass of over 3 pounds quickly and Steph wasn’t long to follow. Soon both were hooking fish and enjoying the raw power of the smallmouth. It wasn’t fast & furious, but the fish were cooperating enough to keep us happy. The second location wasn’t as good with only one small fish being caught and we relocated quickly. The next area had fish on the first cast and our first double header. Richard landed a real nice smallie of just over 3.5 pounds and after a quick shot returned her back to the water unharmed. Steph hooked up almost immediately afterwards and could have made it a triple 30 seconds earlier. Another nice bass of over 3 pounds and a couple of missed strikes and we were moving on again. I thought we would go shallow into weeds and try for largemouth for a while, but had no success for our efforts. A couple of pike, a beaver fish and several missed blow-ups but no largemouth were caught. We spent the rest of the afternoon fishing senko’s for smallies and managed to get into a few largemouth on the outside of rocky shoals as well as many more smallmouth. By 5:30, we were ready to all it a day and headed back to the boat ramp. Overall t was a great day with around 30 bass landed, with the largest going almost 4 pounds.