John was in from California for a Caribou hunt in northern Quebec and decided to fish with me for the day. He had done this for the past couple of years and had great success in the past. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case today! We were blessed with beautiful weather, but inactive fish throughout the day. We saw plenty of big fish cruising the areas we hit, but most of them just refused anything. A couple of smaller ones hit the tube jig slowly crawled across the bottom and in one area a nice one committed to the tube. This one was over 5 pounds and 19.5 inched in length. There were many others of equal size that we saw, but they all refused to eat our offerings. In almost each place we fished, we saw some big smallmouth bass and had a tough time getting any of them to eat. John hooked into another big smallie on a senko and this one was around 4.5 pounds. Unfortunately it wasn’t fast & furious and we had to work hard for every fish we got! It was not a typical day on the lake, but the fish were definitely where we were. They just would not cooperate!!