I fished with Alain & Cindy today on Lake St-Louis for smallmouth bass and just crushed the big ones! The weather called for winds from the N/W at 5 to 10 knots but felt more like W/NW at 10 to 20 knots with stronger gusts. The air temps were warm, but not warm enough for a T-Shirt, with the cool northern breeze. With sunshine all day, it allowed us to see all the areas we were casting to very well. This was to be an advantage as both weed and rocky shoals were what we were targeting today. Alain drew first blood with a smallie of 3.5 pounds on his second cast and another one shortly after. Cindy was soon to follow me, with a good one of 3 pounds on a tube immediately after I caught one over 4 on a tube as well. Things were starting to look up as we all were hooking into really good bass. It slowed a bit and I relocated to another area where Cindy began to just crush the fish on tubes. She was definitely getting the hang of these jigs as she hooked several more good ones again. Alain hooked into one on a spinnerbait and brought up a school of big bass while fighting the fish. Cindy took advantage when I told her to throw into the group and missed two others before she hooked up on another 4 pounder. These fish were on fire and so were we as everyone was hooking up regularly! Once it slowed, I decided to try getting out of the wind and ran up the lake to what I thought was a slightly sheltered area only to find out the wind was blowing hard here as well. It didn’t really matter as both Cindy & Alain continued to hook more large smallies on spinnerbaits for the next few hours. Alain even hooked into a rather large Northern Pike that measured well over 40 inches and turned out to be the largest fish of the day. There were a few bass that were in the high fours and maybe might have weighed 5 pounds if we were to have actually put them on the scale. We took a number of pictures and released all the fish back to the lake where they belonged to fight another day. I thought I would give a couple of other areas a try and with limited time left in the day, moved on. A small walleye around 2.5 pounds was caught and another jumbino smallie missed, but that was all for this area. One more spot before we called it a day and a couple of bass up to 3 pounds caught here, before Alain hooked into something big. It turned out to be probably the largest bass of the day and might have gone over 5 pounds. One more quick pic and back to the depths she went unharmed again. By days end, there must have been 25 to 30 bass landed with the majority of them 3.5 pounds or better and many in the 4-pound range caught. There also was at least 10 to 15 others either lost or missed that we saw, making this a possible 50 fish day, in the perfect world! The fall weather is coming and the fishing should only continue to improve in the coming weeks. I will definitely be taking advantage of the spectacular fishing ahead. This was just the start of what’s to come!!