Today I fished with Al & his son Anthony on a local lake for another “Multi Species” kind of day. The weather was a little strange with overcast skies & humidity most of the morning but later gave way to clear skies and light winds in the afternoon. Air temps were in the 80’s by days end and the water temps were once again around 73 degrees. We started the day trolling for pike & walleye and were immediately into fish within minutes. With the pike & walleye were a couple of bonus largemouth and a few smallies in the smaller size too. Anthony was the one manning the rods with his dad driving through all of this but he gave a hand when we were into doubles. It didn’t take long to get into the numbers as we landed 5 or 6 fish in the first 10 minutes and were well on our way to a great day. There was plenty of action as rods were firing off like popcorn! Although there were plenty of fish lost, we still managed to land over 20 northerns along with 6 walleye and several other perch & bass. At one point, Anthony was into a nice pike of about 7 pounds when another reel screamed and his dad had to take it too. This turned out to be a really nice walleye of about 6 pounds and completed a great double header. A few quick pics and back they both went to grow again. We trolled around for a while after catching fish here & there and losing others before I opted for a change of species. I thought I would take them for some smallmouth bass & ran to another location nearby. Here we were into a beauty of about 4 pounds on the first cast but unfortunately she came off when she took to the air. There were plenty of others caught & lost with the larger ones being lost until the end neared. Both Al & Anthony landed some decent fish in the 4 pound range in the last 15 minutes of the day making for a great mixes bag. By the time it was all said & done there had to be close to 40 fish caught and a great time was had by all!!