I was back on the water again today trolling for pike & walleye all day. Their father Vivekanandan, who was in town for a couple of weeks, visiting family, accompanied Ranjan & his brother Raghav. We met at 7:00 A.M. and headed on the water shortly afterwards and began our troll almost immediately. The weather was nice with clouds & sunshine and a light breeze of 5 knots from the N/E causing a slight chop on the water. The air temps were in the 60’s but eventually climbed up to over 80 degrees by days end. Water temps were 72 to 73 degrees and even slightly higher in the shallows. The bite was really off during the morning hours and I had to work hard to get into the fish that we did. There were more short strikes than actual hook ups and even the ones we caught barely had the hooks in them. I moved around plenty with only a few pike and walleye landed before I finally got into them in the early afternoon. In a few short hours, there were probably close to 20 pike caught in all sizes with the largest going about 5 or 6 pounds. A couple of smallmouth were also landed and even a small largemouth was in the mix as well. Later in the afternoon, I decided to head back to where we had began in hopes that the fish finally turned on. I don’t think we were trolling for more than 5 minutes when a reel fired and Ranjan brought to the boat a 4-pound walleye. This was a great sign and I thought we were about to hammer the fish, but reality set in quickly. Another large fish was on and fighting hard, but the hooks pulled out causing us to be left just wondering what it might have been. A double header shortly afterwards had the same end results with both coming unpinned. Ranjan’s father had another decent fish on again and once more it too came off before we could see what it was. Ranjan fought another bass right to the boat and before I could land this one, the 3.5-pound smallie shook the hooks free. We fished a little longer and landed another pike and missed a couple more before we just gave up and called it a day. I don’t know if it was due to the cold temps overnight, the N/E winds or anything for that matter, but the fish were really off most of the day. We probably landed about 50% or less of the possible fish today. Ranjan’s dad did however manage to take home a couple of northerns and walleye to sample at tonight’s dinner. He had never tried these freshwater fish before and was looking foreword to seeing how they differ from the saltwater fish he’s use to from back home. Although it was a tough day, there were still about 25 fish landed throughout the day making this trip a successful one for all. Unfortunately, no pics today!!