Norm & I hit another lake today to see if we could tackle some more trout & salmon on the fly. We arrived at the ramp with the air temps barely 35 degrees, but the sun was out making it feel much warmer. Winds were out of the N at 10 knots and the air had a chill to it too. By the time we finally got set up and fishing, it was almost 9:30 and we were anxiously awaiting our first rip. I don’t think we had gone 15 minutes when the long line let out our favorite sound & we were locked. It felt like a good fish but just briefly as the line went limp not long after. The fly was all twisted around the shank and the tandem wire was mangled leaving us wondering how those razor sharp hooks never got penetration. The next rod to fire was the other long line and this one stayed pinned right until the net. Once in, the hooks were out and the fish was free. They really weren’t hammering the baits, just nipping at them as we were about to see. The morning bite lasted for a few hours in this area before we opted for another location in hopes of bigger fish. We went 3 for 6 here and didn’t appreciate the odds! Although the water temps were about 43 degrees and bait was everywhere, we could only manage 6 bites and that was too slow for me to stay any longer. Round two was even stranger with the absence of trout all together. Oh we had many hits and landed several fish there, but they really weren’t what we were after as we trolled through what seemed like miles of prime water. I had found water temps in the upper 40’s and marked big schools of bait in several of the areas but was hooking smallmouth bass everywhere I went. I was concentrating in 30 to 40 feet of water and the fish I was marking were suspended, causing me to think they were either trout or salmon. What a surprise to find they were bass and some of them were quite large as we hit a few that were over 4 pounds. After a few hours of covering water without any success, we decided to go back to the location where we began. Apparently, it was a good decision as the first reel screamed in less than 3 minutes and the game was once again on! We were to land the first 5 salmon that attacked our offerings and somehow lose the next 6 that fired the reels. In just a couple of hours, we had shots at 11 fish and that was great. By the end of the day, we had somehow only managed to land 8 out of a possible 17 salmon. Unfortunately, the heaviest fish that we were into didn’t make it to the net as we were barely able to move it before the hooks pulled free. The unknowing is always the worst as we were left in awe! Although we were able to go 8 for 17, the odds still were below 50% and that just sucked! Overall a great day on the water with plenty of action and nobody got hurt!!!